Saturday, June 20, 2009


new CloudApp() is a developer challenge for both U.S. and International developers creating cloud applications or services on the Azure™ Services Platform.

emonster has submitted an application entry in to the developer challenge contest.

emonster's entry is an X-Ray application tool for healthcare professionals to share X-Ray images online. Currently, the process of sharing X-Ray images involves copying of the images to a CD and mailing it. The image then can be viewed using a desktop application that physician and dentist offices have to have installed on any PC used to view the image.

In contrast, emonster's X-Ray application is an online tool. It enables healthcare practitioners to view images without having to use the lengthy process of copying the image to a CD and mailing. It does not require any 3rd party software to be installed. It does however require a browser and Silverlight 3.0 [currently in Beta] installed on the PC or Mac.

The application uses the latest cutting edge technologies involving images and web development. The list of technologies follows:
Microsoft Windows Azure, ASP.NET MVC (C#), Silverlight 3, Telerik, DeepZoom, Jellyfish, DirectX, HLSL & PixelShaders (C), DHTML, XAML.

DirectX SDK, HLSL & PixelShaders are used to achieve the brightness and contrast adjusters on the bottom of the screen.

Community voting starts June 19 @

Please visit the site and vote for our application, if you think it is cool :-)